DXM™: A Complete Reboot for Next-Gen Donors and Supporters


Putting DX in the Heart of Your Organization’s Strategy

The DXM™ Institute for Changemaking Innovation is the nation’s first enterprise to apply and operationalize the science of Customer Experience Management [CXM] in the U.S. Nonprofit Sector.

Just as CXM is the foremost* customer strategy in today’s marketplace, DXM™Donor Experience Management™ — is the strategy that delivers superlative donor experiences.

The DXM™ Operating System unlocks the full potential of an organization’s donor experience by helping decision makers listen deeply to their donors, and design, deliver, and optimize superlative donor experiences that drive new opportunities for growth and impact.

Today’s Experience Economy
We are at a watershed moment in the Nonprofit Sector. The Experience Economy is taking root as never before. 

For-profit companies that embrace consumer expectations for superlative experience are now the fastest-growing companies and have the highest-impact in today’s marketplace. [The 10 leading CX-driven companies, by market capitalization, control 90 percent of all profits of the world’s 100 largest companies.] That’s because experience is what people crave today and what they will pay for. 

Futureproofing Nonprofit Organizations
The DXM™ Institute was re-launched in 2018 as a Public Benefit Corporation to empower nonprofit organizations to thrive in today's Experience Economy, a radically different donor-engagement context than that of the second half of the last century when traditional transactional fundraising was the norm.

Today it is clearer and clearer that last-century fundraising approaches cannot meet the challenges and opportunities of the new experience context, which is forever re-shaping our lives and transforming the marketplace.

Shifting the Trajectory of Fundraising
By and large, fundraising as practiced by 99 percent of nonprofit organizations today is a legacy industry that is not adapting to the new Experience Economy. The vision of the DXM™ Institute is to shift the present trajectory of fundraising because the dynamics of the national economy, and next-gen consumer preference, all mandate that nonprofits focus on the donor experience.

Shaping the Future Through DXM™
The bedrock of the DXM™ Institute is the continuous improvement of the DXM™ Operating System that focuses on both revenue-generation and social impact, centered around establishing a more solid foundation for making better analyses of donor experience creation and delivery. Our Institute’s R&D function is continuously working to pave the way for the development of analytically-based and innovative experiences that move the needle on the generation of time, talent, treasure, and testimony. We take a cross-disciplinary approach to donor experience design, production, and delivery in order to create sustainable donor experiences based on our model of holistic donor experience strategy development.

We believe that fundraising is right now ripe for disruption and the DXM™ Institute is in position to deliver offerings and services that will push wasteful, traditional transactional fundraising over a cliff.