Beginning-to-End DXM™ Services


Crawl Walk Run Fly: DX R&D + DX Training + DX Strategy + DX Activation

Next-gen donors — Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials — have undergone a transformational shift in what they value most. Instead of accumulating possessions, they prefer to create memories by living through experiences. 

The DXM™ Institute for Changemaking Innovation is the nation’s first social enterprise to apply and operationalize the science of Customer Experience Management [CXM] in the U.S. Nonprofit Sector. 

Today, Donor Experience Management [DXM] isn't optional. It is the future of every nonprofit organization [NPO] operating in a networked world. It is now the donor experience [DX] that truly sets remarkable NPOs apart from the rest. 

NPOs are uniquely positioned to offer meaning, purpose, identity, and belonging to their donors and those that do will be rewarded with lifetime loyalty.

In order to thrive in today’s Experience Economy, NPOs must serve the needs of their donors for life-transforming experiences. DXM™ is your guide to creating them.

We guide you through the five steps to transforming your DX:

DXM™ Foundations: Workshops, trainings, and certification courses that equip your team with the necessary skill sets to design and deliver great DX. Select the training experience that best meets your needs, or let us customize a training itinerary for your team that optimizes and continually enhances your organization’s DX.

DXM™ MVP: Hit the ground running with our proven step-by-step process that measures your current DX, identifies gaps and touchpoints that are negatively impacting your DX, and yields immediate improvements in donor outcomes through rapid prototyping. You will be on your way to becoming your donors’ most valuable cause.

DXM™ 360°: Identify and address the issues in your organizational strategy and infrastructure that keep you from delivering optimum DX and long-term donor loyalty. Is your organization equipped to be donor-centric and donor-responsive in today’s Experience Economy? Define and deliver new sources of sustainable revenue. We’ll help you get there.

DXM™ PEAK: We will guide you through the process of ensuring that your entire DX journey is on-brand, relevant, meaningful and memorable to your donors, and works together to inspire mission-critical outcomes. The entire DX journey will enhance your donors’ loyalty to your mission by imprinting your brand at every touchpoint.

DXM™ PEAK MOMENTS: What are the lifetime memorable moments that will keep your donors engaged for life and move your organization to the top of their giving priorities? Our innovation advancement process will help you define and implement these moments within your DX so you can create a lifetime of engagement with your donors.

Is your nonprofit organization ready for the new paradigm of DX? Your donors are.